City Manager

City Manager Kevin Evans

Kevin Evans

City Manager | Charter Officer | Appointed by City Council

[email protected]

The City Manager, appointed by the City Council in 2011, is the chief administrative officer for the City, and is responsible for appointing the various department directors, implementing the policies and ordinances adopted by the City Council, and managing day-to-day operations of the City.

After graduating from WTA&M, Kevin began his career in 1976 as the Assistant to the City Manager in Canyon, Texas. Since then he has served as City Manager in the Texas cities of Shamrock, Electra, Seymour, Athens and Huntsville as well as Ardmore, OK and Maricopa, AZ. He also served as a Deputy City Manager in Grand Prairie, TX as well as President of the Ports-To-Plains Trade Corridor Coalition. His approach to his job is through the prisms of economic development and servant leadership.