Municipal Court

The Municipal Court provides administrative support for the City of McGregor municipal court proceedings. The Municipal Court serves as a forum for citizens to be heard in a professional and courteous environment. The Court hears matters related to Class ā€œCā€ offenses filed within the city limits of the City of McGregor, resulting in the administration of law in a fair and efficient manner. The Municipal Court is responsible for:

Municipal Court Judge Jim Gailey

Jim Gailey

Municipal Court Judge | Charter Officer | Appointed by City Council

Mr. Jim Gailey has served as the McGregor Municipal Judge since 1998. He is a 1978 graduate of Baylor Law School and began practicing in McGregor the same year.

Municipal Court Clerk Robin Wylie

Robin Cardenas

Municipal Court Clerk | Clerk of the Court | Appointed by City Manager

Robyn Wylie has served as the Court Clerk since 2014. She is a Certified Court Clerk and previously served in the same capacity for Mart, Texas.