Economic Development

Economic Development

Andrew Smith

Executive Director | Appointed by MEDC Board and City Manager 

Andrew Smith serves as the Executive Director for the McGregor Economic Development Corporation. He has worked for the City since 2016 and has a background in business entrepreneurship, workforce development, and business recruiting. Andrew sits for his Certified Economic Developer Exam in 2022. He is a Marine Corps veteran and a Certified Firefighter and Training Officer with the McGregor Volunteer Fire Department.

Skyler Lightfoot

Administrative Assistant

McGregor Economic Development Corporation Board

Andrew Henderson Sr.

Term Expires 2024

Ottis Foster

Term Expires 2024

John Hudson

Term Expires 2024

Brandon Young

Term Expires 2025

Sherry Adams

Term Expires 2024

Kevin Houchin

Term Expires 2025

Chick Cowan

Term Expires 2025

Correspondence to the EDC / Executive Director may be sent to:

Attn: Andrew Smith, Executive Director McGregor EDC

Mailing: 303 S. Main; McGregor, TX 76657

Physical: 303 S. Main; McGregor, TX 76657

EDC Meetings are open to the public.

EDC Meetings are typically held on the first Thursday of every month at 12:00 p.m. at the McGregor Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture, 303 N. Main. Meetings are open to the public, with an agenda posted on the outside bulletin board at City Hall (North Entrance).

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Addressing the EDC

Those interested in addressing the EDC may do so at any EDC meeting by signing in prior to the opening of the meeting. The sign-in log is provided at each meeting.  In order to afford everyone an equal opportunity to address the EDC, speakers are asked to limit their presentations to three minutes during the public comment section as posted on the agenda and/or on any agenda item.   EDC is unable to take action, but will listen. The EDC is prohibited from responding to comments or asking questions, but may ask staff to look into concerns and provide follow-up.

If you plan to present EDC with information, have the materials ready to present to the Executive Director who will distribute to the EDC.  Any information you would like to provide to the EDC prior to the meeting may be emailed to the Executive Director at no later than Wednesday prior to the following Thursday’s meeting.

To be placed on the agenda to more formally address the EDC, notification should be made no later than the Friday prior to the following Thursday’s meeting. A written request is required, stating the reason for the appointment and topic to be addressed and this will be placed on the agenda at the discretion of the Board President and Executive Director.