Tornado Siren Test | Dec. 1st | 10:00am

Your Crews At Work

We are working in these areas this week so please be aware and watch out for the crews. Be safe.

Water & Sewer Construction and Utilities Maintenance

General maintenance all plants and stations

Clean & service equipment & trucks

Continue meter and meter head change outs

Plant and station maintenance

Mow and weed eat at plants and stations

Repair leak on S Adams Ave, 100 block

Begin monthly flushing of City & NWIRP systems

Do locates for HOT Electric on Hwy 84 & down Johnson Dr.

Fix service line leak at 100 block S Main

Clean, Service Equipment & Trucks


Check and clean parks throughout week

Check cemetery throughout week

Recycling Wednesday 11/29/23

Check McGregor Executive Airport lights Wednesday 12/1/23

Mow and weed eat Amsler Park

Mow and weed eat cemetery

Repair and replace lights at Exchange Event Center

Maintain drainage at US 84 and SH 317

Mow and weed eat old shop

Secure windscreens at old shop


Brush pick-up zone 4

Clean equipment

Patching potholes in zones 3 & 4                                                        

Sweep streets in zone 3 & 4

Repair and replace street signs

Assisting other departments as needed