Your Crews At Work

We are working in these areas this week so please be aware and watch out for the crews. Be safe.

Water & Sewer Construction and Utilities Maintenance

Maintenance all plants and stations

Clean & service equipment & trucks

Start manual Meter Reading

Change out 2” meter 1000 block of S Madison

Change out 2” meter 400 block of N Johnson Dr.

Work on Johnson Drive rehab

TCEQ inspection

Clean contact chambers


Check and clean parks throughout week

Check cemetery throughout week

Recycling Wednesday 1/11/23

Check McGregor Executive Airport lights Thursday 1/13/23

Work at McGregor Cemetery

Repair leak at pool restroom and assess damage

Drag track and ball field at Kasting Park


Brush pick-up zone 2

Street repairs

Repair utility cuts

Pot hole repairs zone 2

Street sweeping in zone 2

Control burn of brush pile at water plant (State Permit)

Fleet Services

Scheduled oil changes and maintenance

Clean shop

Assist other Departments as needed

Install Tarp System on Unit# 15 Utility Dept’s Dump Truck

Replace light bar on Utility Plants work truck

Continue doing services on Street equipment

Other Information


Occasionally we get questions concerning some of the work we are doing here in MacTown  and the methods and / or materials being used. One such question was raised recently concerning the rock being used to chip seal the roads once the base has been reclaimed. It is a legitimate question and deserves an answer. I requested our City Engineer to address the concern. The text of his memo is below:

 Please click here for a downloadable PDF of Memorandum from Walker Partners