Airport Manager

Barry Lightfoot

Airport Manager | Appointed by City Manager

Barry Lightfoot has 20+ years of experience in local municipalities, including Waco, Hewitt, and Robinson. He has also worked in Code Compliance and Airport Maintenance. In 2017 Barry joined the City of McGregor as Building Inspector. He is a certified plumbing inspector and a residential building inspector. When Rob Blanchard retired in 2020, Barry transitioned from his role with the City to the McGregor Executive Airport as Airport Manager.

McGregor provides air access to the area using the McGregor Executive Airport. The City acquired the former World War II training facility in 1947, and it has undergone extensive capital improvement projects by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) Aviation Division. Development grants totaling more than $10 million include grants for the expansion of taxiway and hangar facilities, a grant to install game resistant perimeter fencing, and a grant to construct an apron area, t-hangar, and rehabilitate the runway.

McGregor Executive Airport

The McGregor Executive Airport is approximately 7 miles east of downtown McGregor and 7 miles west of downtown Waco. The airport has two runways with the primary runway 17/35 is 5,501 in length (lighted) with PAPI’s and the parallel runway 4/22, which is 3,484 in length. The airport currently has 99 based business aircrafts, 11 jets, 13 multi engine and 74 single engine. We have 65 T hangers, 28 private hangers and available land for expansion.

The Fixed Based Operator (FBO), JAG Aviation, Inc. has a professional staff to accommodate aviation needs, maintenance, repairs, and fuel purchases of JET-A or AVGAS. The 4,500 square foot terminal facility has a pilot’s lounge, flight planning, a weather room, and a conference room. The terminal contains Pegasus Flight School, operating three flight school planes at the airport.

The airport is also home for JETPRO Texas. The firm offers inventory, management, and jet sales in a 30,225 square feet facility/ hangar.

The McGregor Executive Airport continues to participate in the FAA/TXDOT Capital Improvement Program. The City of McGregor employs an airport master plan to ensure a safe flying environment with the latest technology to assist the air commuting public.