Code Enforcement | Fire Marshall

Code Enforcement Officer and Fire Marshall Bryan Edds

Bryan Edds

Code Enforcement Officer | Fire Marshall

[email protected]

Bryan Edds serves as the City of McGregor Code Compliance officer and has over 30 years of service as a certified police officer. Bryan's background in law enforcement includes:

  • Police Academy Instructor
  • Training Coordinator
  • Field Training Officer in Patrol
  • Criminal Investigations Officer, including narcotics
  • Firearms training

Bryan’s extensive enforcement experience with federal, state, and local laws now serves the City of McGregor. Enforcing city ordinances that regulate substandard structures, nuisances, and property maintenance fall under Bryan’s direction. He maintains a police certification with the City of McGregor, is a State certified Fire Marshal, and he also serves as the manager of the McGregor Cemetery.

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